Who is Dr. Robert (Bob) Beck, D.Sc.?

In 1992, Dr. Beck was a highly respected research physicist-recently retired from his work with government contracts that were often classified, from his own business interests and from his work as a university lecturer. He was known for his leading-edge designs in measuring subtle magnetic fields and extremely low frequency fields. His last research project in the early 1980's that focussed on the brain and altered states of consciousness resulted in the design of the Brain Tuner. This won him an award from the John Fitzer Foundation.

That all changed when he read about a research project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York city. In March, 1991 Science News magazine gave a brief report that "Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory ..." Doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali also presented their research at a symposium. This research piqued Bob Beck's interest but he found only closed doors when he tried to get further information-the paper they presented had been deleted from the symposium report. In 1993, after a patent was filed (US Patent #5,188,738) showing how microcurrents would neutralize pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, he was finally able to get the details. The patent was based on using a medical procedure to remove blood from the body in order to treat it with microcurrents of electricity. He later found this research was a rediscovery as many patents had been filed over the years showing the efficacy of electricity for health.

Dr. Beck applied his genius to come up with a method to pass the necessary microcurrents into blood while it still flowed undisturbed in the body. He built several units to experiment on himself and for friends. Bob eventually regrew a healthy head of hair and lost his excess weight. This gave him a new lease on life. He also took the initiative to fund a study with two medical doctors who were treating AIDS patients. While each of the patients who stayed with the blood electrification protocol became symptom free, their PCR test results were not consistent. [The PCR test has now been exposed as unreliable and never intended to measure HIV.] The study was discontinued without being published. Word started to spread as Bob and those who regularly met with him over breakfast were getting healthier-avoiding colds and the flu. He gives credit to blood electrification, ionic-colloidal silver and the magnetic pulse generator for his now healthy head of hair. In 1997, Sharing Health From the Heart Inc. was told by one health practitioner that he had known Bob Beck for many years. Having watched the improvement in health in Bob and those around him, he decided there had to be something good about blood electrification.

In addition to blood electrification, Dr. Beck devised a simple method to produce ionic/colloidal silver in the home. This revived interest in an almost forgotten natural antibiotic. The AIDS project brought to his attention the importance of the lymph system and the need to clear pathogens that could easily lay dormant there and later reinfect the blood. The Magnetic Pulse Generator was born to create the necessary microcurrents in the lymph and tissue. He then started lecturing at Health Shows to let others know of his discoveries and experience. He was careful not to sell anything except the information with the schematics to allow others to build their own units.

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