Interviewed By Dee and Kenneth Burke

Ed Skilling is a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro-therapy. His life work has been dedicated to healing the human body. He worked in Aerospace engineering from 1950 to 1983 before establishing his own company, E.F. Skilling, Inc. He continued building electronic devices for electro-therapy, as a designer, including pulse and neuromuscle stimulators, the SuperPro and the Photon Sound Beam. The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the "Man of the Year" award for his Sweep Resonator. Ed is a nationally-known speaker and offers workshops on the use of his instruments.

LE: Ed, tell us about yourself.

Ed: In 1983, I started my own company called E.F. Skilling, Inc. I began to build electronic devices for electro-therapy. I got interested in gas tube technology, which was using inert gases in glass tubes which are applied to the body through the surface of the skin. The use of gas tube technology began in the 1920's and at that time the tubes were used in beauty salons. The device was hand-held and used high voltage to create skin and scalp stimulation. In the handle was a Tesla coil which ionized the plasma gas in the little tubes, giving you little sparks that would penetrate the glass and impinge upon the skin. Each of these tiny sparks produced radio frequency energy and provided relief from pain as well as elemination of lumps caused by clogged lymph ducts; it also got rid of warts, pimples and other skin problems.

This device in the early days increased blood supply and oxidation and local nutrition as soon as you touched one of these violet rays. The same is true today with what we call the Photon Sound Beam. The blood is immediately oxided and you can see this in dark field microscopes. The whole idea is to get as much oxygen in the blood as possible, and it does increase blood circulation. We built our first one in 1984.

LE: Okay.

Ed: I built an electron tube instrument that was solid state that we could put into production. I did all the design work, but I didn't do any of the business end of it. I brought my children into the business. This unit operated int he audio frequency of about 600 herz which were all audible. The unit was very popular and I gave the company to my children in 1988. I moved to Arizona so I could continue my research, which has always been my true interest.

LE: Okay.

Ed: I've been working more and more with inert glass tubes and I don't know if you are familiar with James Bear, from Albugqerque, New Mexico.

LE: No.

Ed: He is a chiropractor who works with the Photon Sound Beam. The difference between this and the original beam tube is that in the beam tube the gasses are iionized with radio frequencies rather than by voltage. James Bear replicated the work and then published it in Borderline Science. My company that I gave my kids was shut down by the FDA in October, 1989. They didn't file charges but came in with a court ordered search warrant and confiscated the equipment and locked the bank accounts. There is no law against designing equipment , and the invention earned over half a million dollars for my children even after they were shut down. They had licensed the product to a company in New York called Life Energy Resource which sold a million dollars a month of the SuperPro.

The last product I put out was the Photon Sound Beam and I'm working on a device which was replicated by James Bear, which was the original beam tube. It was powered by radio frequency, and if your have ever read the book Fifty Years of Supprision, on cancer cures, it told about this information. John Crane lived with Rife for the last eleven or twelve years of his life and he never did anything with the technology. I decided to bring it out, which I did in 1987. Unfortunately, if you put anything down on paper it is deemed a medical device and is governed by the FDA. If you don't say anything, you have no problem, but the moment you say your machine does anything, like kill a virus or kill bacteria, it becomes a medical device and is governed by the FDA and must be sold by prescription. So, I don't claim anything for my technology.

LE: That sounds wise.

Ed: I'm testing a beam tube in California and we are using a combination of gasses like Argon, Zenon, and Krypton. My earlier experimental work with gas tubes was with pure Argon. Argon has a soothing effect on the psyche and is very compatible with the human body.

LE: What do the noble gases do on a cellular level in the body?

Ed: The summary effect of inert gases increased the blood supply to certain areas and increases oxygenation and nutrition. They increase the intake of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide, as well as increasing secretions that produce the elemination of waste products. Active ozone is carried directly to the tissues.

LE: How do you protect yourself from the FDA these days?

Ed: I am a designer, an inventor in the field of electro-therapy. I don't sell the equipment directly. And we don't say that the equipment is based on the work of people such as Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Royal Rife and others who have used electrotherapy for humans and animals.

LE: If medical doctors have this equipment, can they use it?

Ed: No, because everything a medical doctor uses must be approved by the FDA, and they never approve anything electrical.

LE: Not even on an experimental basis?

Ed: You can call it experimental but you can't charge for it and you can't make any claims for it. However, a non-medical person can use it...a chiropractor, a massage therapist, any type of naturopathic physician can. MD's are limited to their use os equipment, which as to be approved by the FDA.

LE: So, a non-medical person can use the equipment, as long as no claims are made for it?

Ed: They can use it as a part of a massage therapy. Chiropractors have neuromuscle stimulators and they do not have to have FDA approval. They just make no claims as with any massage tool.

LE: As a massage tool, what does the Photon Sound Beam do?

Ed: It accelerates the lymph movement in the lymph ducts without your having to have a lymph massage. Let me say that, for the sake of simplicity.

LE: Do you have any final comments?

Ed: The cells produce energy needed to kill whatever is a problem. It's not the chemical that does this; it is the electrical energy that the chemical produces. That is the big difference between the pharmaceutical companies and the people who invented electro-energy for the body. There is a big fight because the equipment of the future will not be chemical. It will be electrical. My life's dedication is to find the ultimate piece of equipment that will do this for every problem in the body instantaneously.

LE: Thank you.


FREE informational video included with any order

No Health Claims of Any Kind Are Made Or Implied By the Manufacturer or Agents of Manufacturer!

*PHOTON SOUND BEAM & NOBLE GAS TUBES: Invented and researched by Ed Skilling in the early 1990's, this is an electrical instrument based on the work of French scientist George Lakhovsky, who believed that when a cell is out of balance in tissues or organs it requires a like frequency to restore it to its' natural state; therefore, if the researcher produces the cell's resonant frequency it can be returned to its' original condition and health is restored. Two books have been written about Lakhovsky's work: The Waves That Heal by Mark Clement, and the Secret of Life by G. Lakhovsky, so Leading Edge Newspaper readers may do their own research. In research situations, the Photon Sound Beam used in conjunction with the Argon Noble gas glass tubes have been used to relieve pain, relieve stress, to clear the lymph system, to oxygenate the blood and enhance blood circulation to tissues, and allow more energy to be experienced by the researcher. Discounted Price for these 2 instruments (which come together) is $1695.  Normal price is $1995. An instructional video is included FREE of charge.

*MAGI: This is a portable version of the Photon Sound Beam,which can be carried in your automobile and activated through the cigarette lighter. Excellent for traveling. Researchers report that the best thing they can treat themselves to on an automobile trip is this instrument, to keep them energized and feeling good. Price is $795. A second MAGI attachment may be special-ordered, so that two travelers may use the instrument together. The cost for the extra MAGI attachment is an additional $195.

*NEW FACE: This is an instrument that is similar in shape to an electric razor and its' function is the removal of wrinkles on the face. It strengthens the muscles and the skin when used daily for 30 minutes for at least 10 days. It creates a low frequency electrical pulse which does not shock the researcher. Price is $235.

*NEW DIMENSIONS: This instrument is the result of a joint venture between Ed Skilling and another researcher. This is an emotional release instrument. Using brain frequencies in the nanometer range NEW DIMENSIONS is a non-invasive optical instrument that can help the researcher to unlock and release long-held emotional patterns of imbalance. These patterns that have been held captive (consciously remembered or not) answer to the frequency call of NEW DIMENSIONS. In answering this call, stored emotional patterns are released from deep within the matrix of the limbic system (where our emotional memory imprints are stored). The researcher is provided with a suggested written format so that he or she can create their own emotional release induction audio tape, releasing and replacing negative emotional states. The purpose of the NEW DIMENSION's instrument is to facilitate the researcher's emotional wellness within the body's total system integration. Price is $1495.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE VIDEO: 36 minute video featuring Dan Junker demonstrating Lymphatic Massage using the Photon Sound Beam. Price is $75.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE WORKSHOP - 4 hours of video: Dan Junker, who developed
the lymphatic massage in the Dominican Republic at a medical clinic with medical doctors, demonstrates more completely the use of the Photon Sound Beam to do lymphatic massage plus addresses many health issues with alternative answers for improved health. Dan Junker is a national health consultant to many health practitioneers. Price is $150.

For additional information or to order these instruments for your own personal use and research you may contact Teslatech, an agent for the manufacturer, at (541) 434-0318.

  Getting to Know Ed Skillingšs Revolutionary Technology My Wife, Dee, and I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Ed Skilling whom we consider to be one of the inventive geniuses of our time. Ed is 80+ years of age, has the energy of a teenager, an easy-going good nature, and the wisdom of a wise man, which he is. Ed also lives his life, as we observe him, in the highest integrity which is no small thing in today's fast-paced sometimes self-serving business world.
  Dee and I have personally used Ed's revolutionary technologies for over 4 years and consider this experience one of the highlights of our lives. We have explored many innovative technologies and rate Ed's inventions at the top. As we can prioritize our time, like most busy Americans, we enjoy treating each other to a lymphatic massage using Ed's Photon Sound Beam; this lymph clearing technique was developed in the Dominican Republic at a medical clinic and a video is available to the public showing exactly how to do this procedure. We also use the New Dimensions to release any deep-seated negative emotions we may have. In short, following our use of these two inventions we feel lighter, calmer and more energized. We realize these instruments cost a few dollars, but we personally consider this expense a good investment in our health, like good nutrition, vitamins or other health-related products.
  Because of the laws in our country no health claims can be made by Ed or anyone associated with his technologies, although research has been done worldwide since the early 1990's that have indicated that the Photon Sound Beam "strengthen's the immune system and nourishes the body's electrical system," resulting in helping the body to become "more balanced." Ed's desire is to assist humanity in living healthy lives. We support that desire. 

Kenneth Burke, Publisher
Leading Edge Newspaper

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